Job Search Tools

How well does your resume match the job posting you are considering?  Load your resume and job description and review the match report.  What keywords are you missing?  Check out Resume Search Optimizer, the Apple iOS App that will help optimize your resume.

Do you need assistance with preparing for an interview?  Or assistance with researching a company or key individuals that you will be meeting.  We provide Custom On-Demand Services to assist with preparing for an important opportunity.

Check out our 350+ Power Words recommendations to strengthen your resume - Are you looking for the best words to use in a resume?   In addition to the typical words you would see on a resume, the included list provides numerous creative and powerful alternatives.   A sampling of some of the very best include accelerated, achieved, compiled, exceeded, facilitated, guided, improved, launched, minimized, maximized, reduced, resolved, validated, increased, decreased and won.


Don't forget to check for less than ideal words  - we have compiled a list of 40+ words to avoid in your resume - These words are commonly cited as words, phrases, and clichés to avoid.    Typically they are considered overused, and could be construed as negative, vague, awkward or express the obvious.  Some of these words and phrases may surprise you and likely that means they are considered overused or cliché.   Use your best judgement and consult others for their perspective.

Preparing for your interview takes time and effort.  We have prepared 6 simple steps to prepare for the job interview.  You want to go in prepared and confident. Before the big day, review these helpful pre-interview steps.